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Previous Updates

November 2016
Making conservation successes

October 2016
The number of animals at risk of extinction keeps going up.

September 2016
Amazing nudibranchs

August 2016
Check out some presumed extinct species rediscovered in the wild.

July 2016
ESI camera traps shows stunning endangered animals in our project areas.

June 2016
This is clear: we cannot afford to fail in our mission to save threatened species and wilderness.

May 2016
Protecting and recovering endangered species and the wild places.

April 2016
Congolese children protecting endangered gorillas

March 2016
ESI has won a 2016 Top-Rated Award from GreatNonprofits!

February 2016
ESI defies the 2015-16 El Nino impacts on coral reefs.

January 2016
ESI and You in 2016!

December 2015
Make your year-end donation today and support our best efforts to protect nature.

November 2015
Together we can protect primates and their habitats.

October 2015
Saving biodiversity, rainforest, and coral reefs. Check out our new gallery here!

September 2015
Project Update: Saving Endangered Gorillas in the Congo.

August 2015
Protecting local biodiversity and you!

July 2015
Artificial reefs that fail to benefit anything.

June 2015
Together we have the clout to force the changes to protect rainforest, ocean, wetlands, and secure a future for plants and animals on the brink of extinction.

May 2015
Illegal Mining in French Guyana Ravaging Rainforests and Indigenous Group Habitats.

April 2015
Freshwater shrimps under serious threats worldwide!

March 2015
Illegal wildlife trade is a crime!

February 2015
Creating and supporting marine protected areas.

January 2015
The human forces that drive wildlife and biodiversity loss never rest, so neither does Endangered Species International.

December 2014
Extinct and endangered amphibians. Learn more and protect!

November 2014
Empowering local communities to protect and restore coral reefs.

October 2014
Every tree planted counts!

September 2014
Approximately 1,200 bird species - 12% of all living bird species - are considered endangered, threatened, or vulnerable. Check out what you can do to help birds!

August 2014
Working closely with indigenous people to ensure that their voices are heard and defended while protecting endangered species. Check out our photo gallery

July 2014
Primate species threatened worldwide!

June 2014
Protecting rainforest, coral reefs, and endangered species. Read some updates here!

May 2014
Join us to protect wilderness through land acquisition

April 2014
Shallow-water coral reef ecosystems highly endangered! However, they can be saved...

March 2014
Endangered Species International is honored to be a Top 5 Nominee in the 5th Annual CLASSY Awards! The CLASSY Awards recognize the greatest champion of social and environmental progress.

February 2014
European bats and large carnivores return, sharks and rays highly threatened, and fisheries in serious trouble. Read more here!

January 2014
Saving rainforest

December 2013
Read the end of the year note!

November 2013
Making conservation happen. New maps reveal urgency to continue conservation work at ESI field sites.

October 2013
Making conservation happen. Learn new facts and see how we save the ocean and coral reefs.

September 2013
Amphibians are vanishing at an alarming rate due to human activities. Check out some of the amphibian species that we have recently lost.

August 2013
Bonobos, our closest relatives, endangered!

July 2013
Incredible frogs of Southeast Asia. Discover the photo gallery!

June 2013
ESI has won a 2013 Top-Rated Award from GreatNonprofits. Read why our contributors and volunteers have chosen ESI!

May 2013
Saving coral reefs and marine life. Check out our new gallery here!

April 2013
Paintings and illustrations for conservation. Check out the gallery!

March 2013
Asian horseshoe crabs and pangolins need our help. Read here why!

February 2013
ESI Field Updates!

January 2013
We don't mess around and step up in the field undeterred by the harsh conditions to save wild gorillas. Check out our progress here!

December 2012
Check out some of our latest field activities: children protecting coral reefs, Congolese searching for remaining wild gorillas, indigenous people saving rainforest, local community fighting against illegal poaching and trade of rare wildlife.

November 2012
Check out amazing marine colors and life forms that we protect. A new look through underwater macro photography.

October 2012
Write a review! It's simple and takes only 1 minute. You can share with others just how effective, dedicated and hardworking you know we are. Help us spread the word about endangered species and wilderness and the work we do to in the field to save them. Write your review here at GreatNonprofits.org !

September 2012
Voting is open now on Facebook until September 19! Vote NOW for Endangered Species International to share in $5 million to save threatened species and their habitats. Thank you for your vote!

August 2012
All about coral reefs! Learn and protect!

July 2012
ESI activities are for the long term. Check out the Mt. Matutun Project Gallery.

June 2012
Are you a chase costumer? Nominate Endangered Species International now to get a share of $5 million to make a real difference on the ground to save endangered species and their habitats!

May 2012
Groupon’s earth day challenge needs your support! We are teaming up with Groupon’s earth day challenge to raise money for endangered species and gorillas! The organizations that raise the most win prize, help us win $25,000! Deadline is May 15!

April 2012
Bringing back the rainforest, decline of coral reefs continues, Tilapia killing pristine lake, Gorilla project making progress and more from ESI.

March 2012
“Save forests and endangered animals!” wrote children. Check out their art and messages!

February 2012
Check out some of our latest project news to save biodiversity.

January 2012
Volunteers are the backbone of ESI! Thank you for your great work and commitment!

December 2011
Top 10: 2011 Conservation successes and failures!

November 2011
Save the last natural coastline of Taiwan!

October 2011
The Zoo Boise Conservation Fund selected Endangered Species Internatioanl as one of the eight finalists. VOTE NOW to support our project to save endangered primate (tarsier) and rainforest, it takes only 5 minutes!

September 2011
All about Tarsiers. Learn and protect!

August 2011
The super predator in deep trouble!

July 2011
Learn how you can make a difference on a daily basis!

June 2011
Our lectures are now open for invitation. They are informative, courageous, fascinating, and beautiful featuring our stories and work dedicated to saving life on earth!

May 2011
This month in wildlife! Discover the pick of this month’s animals from around the world while saving endangered species and their habitats!

April 2011
Great Apes education and public awareness in the Republic of Congo.

March 2011
The Philippines gives ESI go-ahead for research and conservation project on tarsier in the island of Mindanao, Phillippines.

February 2011
ESI welcomes the International Year of Forests (Forests 2011) launched on February 2, 2011 by the United Nations General Assembly. Throughout this year, ESI will double reforestation activities and make sure that forests get more protection on the ground! Join us now!

January 2011
2010 photo highlights to protect endangered species and their habitats!

December 2010
Tigers only found in zoos by 2030?

November 2010
Stop the aggravated cruelty towards wild threatened reptiles for the use of luxury products.

October 2010
All about gorillas! Learn and protect!

September 2010
Why care for amphibians?

August 2010
Fragile desert tortoise in decline. Learn why!

July 2010
Seahorses the jewels of the ocean in danger!

June 2010
Wildlife encounters. Meet some of the amazing animals we encountered during our field conservation activities.

May 2010
Check out the latest interview with Pierre Fidenci founder and President of ESI!

April 2010
Discover how ESI staff and communities are saving endangered species!

March 2010
I am not for sale!

February 2010
European officials are increasing pressure for an international ban on the commercial fishing of threatened bluefin tuna, a position fully supported by ESI.

January 2010
ESI Interview: protecting gorillas in the Republic of the Congo!

December 2009
Plastics kill!

November 2009
Horseshoe crabs fascinating and declining!

October 2009
Continuous tragic killing of wild gorillas in the Republic of Congo! Check out our photos from the field! Caution: disturbing photos.

September 2009
Top 10: 2009 Conservation successes and failures!

August 2009
More than 100 amphibians are already vanished forever! Discover recently extinct frogs!

July 2009
Check out the 10 of the most unknown endangered animals that need conservation effort!

June 2009
Tell your representatives to support the EPA to ban the use of the dangerous herbicide atrazine from the U.S. market! Take action now!

May 2009
ESI is expanding its actions to save the rainforest and endangered animals. Join us for direct impacts on the ground!

April 2009
905 recent known extinct species and hundreds of thousands suspected to have vanished forever! Check out our up to date list of recent extinct species!

March 2009
The endangered Kagu Rhynochetos jubatus from New Caledonia is slowly recovering from decades of sharp decline! Read more!

February 2009
We estimated about 300 gorillas killed a year for the bushmeat market in Southern Congo. Commercial bushmeat hunting is killing great apes faster than their habitat can be cut down! Visit our photo gallery to learn more!

January 2009
The survival tipping point of the bluefin tuna has been reached! The increasing rarity of bluefin tuna and worldwide sushi madness are driving the bluefin to the brink of extinction. Read more!

December 2008
ESI welcomes the new Brazilian plan to cut the Amazon destruction in half. It is a major step and it will reinforce our work to protect rainforest, biodiversity, and indigenous people.

November 2008
Illegal bushmeat hunting is not slowing down in Central Africa! In Congo our local team discovered various illegal endangered animals for sale. Take action!

October 2008
Join us on October 4th at the Wildlife Conservation Expo in San Francisco and discover our new campaign to save endangered species and wild habitats.

September 2008
An alarming fact: 231 of the 704 coral species are threatened. Losing coral reefs is not acceptable as they provide tremendous benefits to local communities and environment. ESI is now actively engaged in restoring and protecting coral reefs.

July 2008
ESI has successfully completed surveys and conservation awareness of the critically endangered Dahl's Toad-headed Turtle (Batrachemys dahli) in Colombia and found additional wild populations. More research and conservation activities will be on the way soon to protect this unique turtle species and its habitat. The Dahl's Toad-headed Turtle is one of the most endangered turtle in the world!

June 2008
We have already planted thousands of mangrove trees or rainforest by the sea to protect costal line, improve fish diversity, and fight global warming. More trees will be planted throughout the year! Discover our mangrove project!

May 2008
ESI is strengthening its effort to protect rainforests around the world. Through a new partnership with Stopdodo.com, a global portal for environmental jobs, ESI can better save biodiversity and fight global warming!

April 2008
ESI assessed a recently discovered species of squirrel (white squirrel or called locally “putting bising”) but not yet formally described. This squirrel is only known from one small island in the Philippines and it is in danger from over-hunting. Learn more here and discover photos for the first time taking in the wild!

March 2008
ESI is launching a new aggressive initiative to stop dynamite fishing between Malaysia (Borneo) and southern Philippines (Palawan). “We are implementing a new approach that was not explored by other NGOs in this region, it is time to stop illegal dynamiting of our prestigious marine life” ESI president Pierre Fidenci. Learn more here!

February 2008
ESI is launching a program to survey poorly known endangered species and discover new wildlife species in remote areas of Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. Remote cameras powered with solar energy and equipped with infrared triggers are used to obtain critical data to save wildlife and their habitats.

January 2008
The creation of the community-based natural reserve to protect the endangered African manatee is underway. The reserve will protect known key breeding, feeding, and refuge habitat of the manatee in Senegal! ESI wildlife conservationist Tomas Diagne is in the field working closely with all communities.

December 2007
Endangered Species International has adopted the carbon free emission for all our conservation activities on the ground. No matter where we are in field, from now on we will use the cleanest technology to generate our own potable electricity directly from the sun. No more electricity from non-renewable energy sources to save endangered species worldwide! Learn more!

November 2007
Endangered frog found! The Palawan horned frog (Megophrys ligayae) was observed at night by ESI during conservation activities in the rainforest of Palawan Island, Philippines. ESI biologists believe the Palawan horned frog was engaging breeding activities along a small stream in a remote area.

October 2007
Come and enjoy the conservation lecture given by ESI President Pierre Fidenci, November 7, 2007 at the San Francisco Zoo. Through a fresh look of various field conservation activities to save endangered wildlife, you will discover endangered turtles, many fascinating elusive amphibians, a unique wilderness, and vanishing indigenous cultures of the southern Philippines.

October 2007
ESI has signed the Forests Now Declaration, a campaign to highlight the importance of forest conservation for biodiversity, human livelihoods, and the fight against climate change. Deforestation accounts for some 18-25% of global carbon emissions, second only to the use of fossil fuels.

September 2007
Save the date! Come to visit us at the Wildlife Conservation Expo Day October 6th at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco and discover our wildlife conservation projects. Meet world-class wildlife conservationists including Dr. Jane Goodall. Click here for more information!

August 2007
View a unique rescue operation to save African manatees stranded into shallow seasonal waters formed by the creation of dams in Senegal. Endangered Species International is engaged in future rescue operations by developing unique local conservation awareness activities. View photo gallery here!

July 2007
A large number of western pond turtles gather close to the shoreline of a pond in California to feed on microscopic phytoplankton and zooplankton. This rare turtle feeding behavior was captured for the first time on video by ESI, now you can view it here!

June 2007
The Amazonian national park is finally born in French Guyana after more than 15 years of study, propositions, reviews, and debates. The park includes an area of 3.4 million hectares (bigger than Belgium) and aims to protect more than 2 millions hectares of primary rain forest with about 7,000 people inhabiting the area. It constitutes one the largest terrestrial protected area in the world with the National Pak of Tumucumaque in Brazil. ESI has worked in the region and will encourage its success in safeguarding biodiversity!

May 2007
May 22, Happy International Biodiversity Day! It is time to add new simple and effective resolutions to save biodiversity! Check out our tips how you can help biodiversity!

May 2007
ESI has joined the Countdown 2010 Save the Biodiversity a powerful network of active partners working together towards the 2010 biodiversity target. Each partner commits additional efforts to tackle the causes of biodiversity loss by encouraging and supporting the full implementation of all the existing binding international commitments and necessary actions to save biodiversity.

May 2007
Our project to save endangered turtles in Colombia is now supported in parts by funds from the PADI Foundation. The PADI Foundation encourages sensitivity to and protection of underwater life. The project will start this year and will have concrete results within a year!

April 2007
We are happy to announce the creation of Our Videos! Our videos present very short produced documentaries from all over the world with one common goal: enhancing knowledge and passion to save biodiversity! You can learn about endangered species and our conservation activities throughout our unique video recordings! The first field videos will be available online in just few days!

March 2007
ESI is launching a program to assess the natural state of Balabac Island about 100 km north of Borneo. Balabac is home of many rare endemic species including the Philippine mouse deer or Pilandok (Tragulus napu nigricans), the world's smallest ungulate. ESI President Pierre Fidenci has met with local decision makers and stakeholders to discuss conservation actions and encourage sustainable living. Further, ESI staff started to conduct biological assessment in remote areas of the island. Saving the irreplaceable is our mission!

February 2007
ESI President, Pierre Fidenci, along with three indigenous people is currently exploring deep mountainous forests of the forgotten southern Palawan Island, Philippines. The goal of this mission is to search for the rare Philippine forest turtle, evaluate ecosystem conditions, and establish indigenous support activities where fragile unique ecosystem and culture still remain. He is crossing through unexplored and virgin forests valleys, foothills, and high mountains (up to 1,500 m) starting from the Sulu Sea coast all the way to the China Sea coast. At present he is staying with one of Tao't Bato indigenous people village at an altitude of about 700 meters. This expedition is very physically challenging and risky (various types of malaria, difficult terrains with no roads and trails); we wish him good luck!

February 2007
ESI is launching "the Tao't Bato indigenous people home land and culture support initiative". Through several expeditions in the deep mountains of southern Palawan, Philippines, ESI staff has assessed some terrible damages on the native home lands of the indigenous people. ESI is committed to acting now and restoring their cultural and natural heritages and stop further pillages of their resources. As part of the initiative, we will be removing graffiti from vandalism at their living caves and will be working closely with all concerned authorities and organizations to better control and restrict the access to their mountainous home land. Support us now and make a difference!

January 2007
ESI with the collaboration of the Bp Conservation Programme, the Wildlife Conservation Society, and Palawan State University organized a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) training for the young conservationists of the Philippines. The training occured in Puerto Princesa, the capital of the island of Palawan. The course provided young local conservation biologists with an opportunity to learn how GIS can be used to assess the conservation status of endangered species. They learned how to conduct a regional conservation assessment using GIS to determine critical conservation areas for an endangered species and to use landscape analysis to determine optimal landscape configurations for conserving endangered species. Learn more here!

December 2006
ESI is happy to announce the creation of Field Podcasts. Experience and learn online about endangered wildlife throughout our podcasts recorded directly from the field around the world. Podcasts will include unique nature sounds (e.g., frog calls), interviews with wildlife biologists and indigenous people, or one day live recording from our conservation efforts on the ground. Some of the podcasts will also include free online materials that will help you to improve your knowledge on wildlife conservation. It will be another way for you to check how your donation works towards saving nature. The first field podcasts will be available online beginning of 2007.

July 2006
ESI understands the vital need to enhance environmental communication and education in the developing world. We are creating a web site for the Biodiversity Center of Palawan State University to increase their exposure and support their biodiversity activities. Education is a key component to stop the trend of species extinction around the world. Visit our environmental communications projects!

June 2006
Endangered Species International discovered new populations of the critically endangered Dahl's toad-headed turtle in Colombia. Find out more about it. Colombia has one of the greatest biodiversity in the world. However, the current number of endangered and threatened species is alarming. More than 100 species are critically endangered, more than 200 species are endangered, and the status of more than 180 species is unknown.

May 2006
EIS is launching a comprehensive program to stop illegal wildlife trading of endemic endangered species found in remote areas of Asia. Endangered species found in remote places can suffer from tremendous illegal collecting and their populations can be depleted at an alarming rate. Learn more here.

January 2006
Meetings with the Dean and Faculty of the College of Science at Palawan State University. Agreements where made to train students in field work and to appoint a field leader to take charge in this one year program to assess the state of the Phillipine Forest Turtle. Click Here to learn more!

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