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Important end of the year message

Dear friends,

Planet Earth has some serious issues and all because of human beings. The forests are disappearing at an alarming rate. Unknown but large number of species go extinct each year and many more have their natural habitats fragmented. Pollution floats around the oceans and poisons the air we breathe. Coral reefs and their ecosystems experience an unpreceded rapid decline worldwide. What we call “natural resources” are being depleted. Human populations grow in many places that cannot sustain them. And now, we have President Trump which we all know is a terrible news for endangered species, wilderness, and our precious natural environment. Mr. Trump prefers to transform wilderness into golf courses and building complex, and put the climate deniers and industry hacks into positions of power. On the opposite, Endangered Species International (ESI) challenges the threats to nature and help ensure its ability to provide a healthy, biologically diverse and colorful planet. We will save more endangered species and protect so many vital natural habitats in 2017. With your support, we are more than ready to achieve more conservation results despite an hostile Trump administration.

The good news is that we are the witnesses and more convince than ever that our work is making a real positive difference for humans and all other living creatures on Earth. One acre protected at a time can make a big difference for wildness and landscapes. One more child at a time becoming a conservation ambassador can make a difference. One more species saved from extinction makes a big difference for nature. We are here with you to make many more big differences for wildlife and wilderness around the world.

ESI work to protect a myriad of habitats so we can preserve the diversity of life on Earth. From coral reefs to rainforest, we work to protect the lands and waters that plants and animals need to survive—for us and for future generations. Ninety eight percent (98) percent of ESI spending goes to the ground for real and effective impacts to protect endangered species and habitats. Join us now to be a greater voice for Nature and to expend our unparalleled success for endangered species and wilderness. During the end of this year and this coming new one, we need you more than ever.

Pierre Fidenci

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