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Saving the world’s last great tropical forests

The bulk of the world's tropical rainforest occurs in the Amazon Basin in South America and in the Congo Basin in Central Africa. Southeast Asia has third largest areas of tropical rainforest. The Atlantic Forest in Brazil is one of the richest and most threatened biomes in the world, and only fifteen percent of its original coverage is protected.

Overall, there are 60,000 tree species recorded worldwide. Over 45% (27,203) of tree species are found in just 10 families. The family with the most tree species is the Leguminosae with 5,405 tree species. The country with the most diverse tree flora is Brazil, with 8,715 tree species, followed by Colombia (5,776 spp.) and Indonesia (5,142 spp.). Nearly 58% of all tree species (34,575) are single country endemics. The countries with the most endemic trees are Brazil (4,333 spp.), Madagascar (2,991 spp.), Australia (2,584 spp.), and China (2,149 spp.).

Tropical deforestation affects indigenous tribes, biodiversity, the survival of millions of species, and the climate both locally and regionally, creating a vicious circle. When the trees disappear from the outskirts of the forest, it creates significant local warming and loss of biodiversity. Furthermore, it can change the air circulation patterns during the dry season, making dry season drier. The good news is that we can reverse human deforestation by replanting native trees and creating protected areas that allow natural reforestation as well.

Our work for tropical forests

Endangered Species International (ESI) has been involving local people as conservation stewards, conservationists, reforesters, and informed forest users to protect and restore rainforest. All our projects are making a big impact on the ground as we focus on direct planting and protection of all indigenous trees that compose a natural forest. ESI does not follow the traditional "top-down" approach to conservation involving too many conservation organizations; such approach has failed around the world and once the organization or project is gone, then deforestation occurs again. Instead, our projects are created and deeply rooted on the ground where ESI and local communities have already planted almost 1 million tropical tree seedlings and protected uncountable immense areas of native tropical forest.

You have the power to defend our natural world. Your donation to Endangered Species International supports our on-the-ground conservation efforts-in three continents and regions of the world where urgency to protect the lands, wildlife and waters on which all life depends. Nature lovers like you are essential to taking on nature's biggest threats and protecting tropical forests. Make a contribution today to make a positive, lasting impact on the health of our planet.

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