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2018 and beyond: conservation in action

Dear friends,

Endangered Species International (ESI) had some extraordinary moments and achievements in 2017. Our determination to save endangered species and protect and restore wild habitats is getting stronger each year. Welfare of human beings depends greatly on Nature. Life diversity has intrinsic value, and its loss impoverishes our societies. A healthy ecosystem renders countless services like reducing soil erosion and providing clean water. We simply canít afford to live in an impoverished planet, thatís why we work so hard to protect biodiversity and save threatened plants and animals.

We are proud to be the voice for every animal and plant, charismatic or unknown, from the Irrawaddy dolphin to a tiny frog. In 2018, with your support, we plan to protect 234 endangered species and their habitats (e.g., rainforests, wetlands) with focus on the tropics where biodiversity is the most diverse, but sadly the most threatened.

ESI has long advocated for the protection of corals as a crucial part toward protecting our ocean. Scientists have warned that coral reefs are likely to be the first worldwide ecosystem to collapse; without rapid action all the worldís reefs could be destroyed by 2050. As our data and field observations have clearly shown, coral reefs are declining much faster than expected and their protection and restoration are our priorities. With your support, we will continue to create effective (not on the paper) marine protected areas, to monitor coral health, and to restore and strengthen coral reefs by working in many fronts including overfishing.

Illegal trade of wildlife is one the biggest threat to many endangered species. Although it is partly controlled by laws created by member countries of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites), illegal trade flourishes. And many species are now being pushed ever closer to extinction to satisfy huge demand for dubious medicines, unspeakable collectables, unethical clothing and pets. With your support, we will keep fighting the illegal trade of animals and plants. Our fight includes all four endangered Asian pangolin species, eleven endangered turtles, African forest elephants and gorillas, just to name a few.

While supporting us, you can also consider a planned giving opportunity. A planned gift is a lasting investment in Endangered Species International, enabling us to be a leading role in protecting endangered species, people's health, preserving magnificent wild places, combating climate change, and empowering indigenous people.

People who care are the heart and light of Endangered Species International. Without them, without you, none of our achievements would be possible.

Pierre Fidenci
Founding Director


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